Entwurf 1 des Grundriss

#2 Planning has started

At first I watched hours and hours of YouTube videos and found a lot of inspiration but also had always a point (or more) where I thought about each project: No, I want to do that differently. But how do I want to do it? Well, in the end, of course, this is determined by the transporter and its dimensions. But that’s where the considerations start. So here are the things my dream camper must have in any case:

Standing height (This is not negotiable)
Suitability for everyday use (i.e. shopping and driving into a city center must be possible, not only in Germany)
short to medium wheelbase
Oldtimer (To be able to repair things by myself and especially easy and everywhere in the world)

the equipment:

no gas
12V and 230V
Diesel parking heater
Fridge with freezer compartment
coffee maker
Oven for my beloved Pizza
Internet for the entire internal network
Sensor technology via a Raspberry Pi monitors with access from a cell phone (yes, the WoMo is supposed to be smart)
Fixed bed (no way to build my bed every single night)
Workplace for long working hours (ergonomic and comfortable)
Dog area
…….. (a constantly expanding list)

On my PC there are already some possible floor plans/furniture layouts available, as well as the circuit diagrams of the planned electrical system, which I will publish in the future here on my blog.

And so the last 3 weeks have gone by faster than I could guess. The planning is expected to be finished in 2-3 more weeks.

Above all, there is still the flow chart, which clarifies the dependencies, because if I have learned one thing from all the videos then the following: Forgotten cables or even cut-outs for windows, etc. can only be made up for with considerable additional effort when certain construction phases are completed.

And last but not least the Smart comes to the WoMo. As a prospective programmer I don’t want to buy ready-made solutions here but design and program everything from the sensor to the monitoring myself. And that starts already as the next phase because it will be the part that will take the longest. Nevertheless, it can be implemented super although no WoMo is there yet, because the WoMo is in the end only the housing for it………

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