der leergeräumte Fahrgastraum

#18 Build 2 – It´s all about rust…

As you could see from the photo of the Build 1 post, there is a lot of rust that needs to be removed. So the last few days have been spent sanding and brushing.
In particular, a lot of work has been done on the entrances on the driver’s and passenger’s side.
But it started with stripping of the van. Since all the necessary sheet metal and spare parts were already included in the purchase, they had to be stored elsewhere. Then the seats and add-on parts were removed and afterwards I started with the main work.
As usual, I rely on machine power and so the angle grinder is my closest ally at the moment. This team is joined by rust converter and primer, so that in the end the decay is stopped for now.
In the second step, the parts that are no longer safe or have holes despite this treatment will be replaced with new sheet metal parts. But first a few photos of the fight against rust part 1….

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