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#20 Build 4 – The front area

Because of the cold and wet wether outside i can´t do the metal work on the van. Thats why I started refurbishing the cockpit first.

Things done:

  • Cleaning (a never ending storie. After cleaning everything you only need to wait a second and cleaning starts again)
  • The small shelf that was mounted became a bigger shelf. The compartment side is covered with selfadhesive foil*
  • The old Light has been changed to a modern LED light* with same functionality (on, off, on when doors are open)
  • There was only space for a single DIN stereo and I build in a double DIN Multimedia Radio with CarPlay*
  • The old front speaker has been changed to Sony speaker*
  • A USB Power supply with integrated switch and voltmeter* has been installed (connected to the master battery)
  • the unused single DIN Radio space has been closed with a small storage compartment*.
  • This storage compartment is now ecuiped with QI charging for my mobile
  • an amplifier* has been installed for the subwoofer
  • Radio and amplifier* has been connected to a switch. now I can power it on without ignition switched on and I can turn it of to prevent draining the battery
  • Beside the switch I can turn on and off the radio key (ignition position).

still needs to be done:

* The links are so called affiliate links. This is a fair way to support me and say thank you, because it costs you nothing except the regular price of the item and I get a commission for your purchase which helps me to realize this project and the following.

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