It’s us – Here we come…


Hündin Kaya
Lady Kaya enjoys the sun



Mein Hund Kaya und ich
Meine dog Kaya and me

About us

We are my dog Kaya and me, Tobias. And on top of that I have a lot of interests and hobbies.

But first to the main actor. In November 2019 Kaya joined me. Rescued from a shelter in Romania, she came to me at the age of 6 months and has enriched my life ever since.
And she is also the kick that finally got the ball rolling. For a long time, more precisely for almost 15 years, I have been thinking about “How would it be to travel and live in a mobile home? But in the end I always ended up sitting in a plane to reach my vacation destination. Of course I don’t want to put Kaya through the stress of a flight, so this time the thought turned into a plan. You can follow the development, refinement and also the later implementation here on this page and even support us with it.

But wasn’t there any talk of more? Of course there was.

Well, first of all I’m doing an apprenticeship at the moment and of course it will be finished successfully.
Then there are my steam cans. Since I quit smoking in December 2017 and steam instead, it was only logical to build my own e-cigarette. For this purpose, I converted a Fisherman’s Friend tin can, which I have owned since my youth, and since then I have built many more as you can see here -> steam cans. Then there is my urge to build everything possible myself. I have a considerable arsenal of tools at my disposal, including a 3D printer. You can find its products in another part of my blog -> 3D printing. And then, of course, there are all sorts of other great things in life, like photography, and much more.


And the goal?

As mentioned above, the first step is the successful completion of the training. At the same time I want to buy a van and convert it into a camper. As a short term goal, I want to be independent on vacation for me and Kaya, and if this test run works out – according to plan, the first trip should start after the completion of my training – then I want to live and work full time in my camper.
In the medium term I would like to become a full time traveler and with your support I would like to make projects that help others.


Yes exactly. If you want, you can support Kaya and me in reaching our goals and in return we will take you on our trip. As our patron, you can not only be closer to what’s happening, but also receive much more. Exclusive contributions, exclusive photo books, caps and mugs and even a personal meeting is possible. Just have a look here on our Patreon page to inform yourself.

So and now have fun browsing through the articles. Leave a comment and let your friends know if you like something.

Greetings and a warm woof

Yours, Kaya and Tobias

ich und mein Hund und meine Dampfdose

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