3D Drucker Anycubic i3 MegaS

3d printing. An option for anyone?

Clear answer: Yes

Nevertheless, a BUT follows…

Because if you think that you can simply unpack a 3D printer like an inkjet printer and start printing, you will quickly be taught better…
First comes the assembly. Depending on the model, this varies from 8 screws to a puzzle of 1000 pieces.
Also the comprehensibility of the instructions varies and last but not least the quality of the printers.
I was lucky with my Anycubic i3 Mega S * and could print directly in good quality after a very short assembly.

But it doesn’t have to be like that and above all it’s not visible in the price.

But there will be a more detailed explanation in one of the next articles “Which 3D printer is the right one for me? But this much is already revealed: The answer to this varies greatly and depends on many factors, and yet there will be an answer to the question….

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