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About me

There are many of terrific things in this world.The most terrific thing in my life is my dog Kaya which belongs to me since November 2019.
Rescued from a shelter in Rumania and brought to a german shelter she found a new home and enriches my life each day since than.
But of course there are many other terrific things like eating, traveling and technical gadgets of course.

I´m learning coding at the moment and I started building my own rolling home. Therefor I bought a Renault Trafic from 1996. My knowledge in electric and diy helps me to do anything on my own.
In short terme I build this van to go on vacation with Kaya and in long terme I have the idea to become a digital nomad and travel the world with my rolling home.

What else?…

I love building things. It doesn´t matter if this is a construction in 3d on my PC or something made of wood or metal. For example I build my own ecigarettes made of old tin cans or wood.

You see there are many terrific things in life and on my blog of course….

ich und mein Hund und meine Dampfdose

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